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AutoPrice™ helps you make intelligent pricing decisions by predicting what the customer will pay for a part before you submit the quote. AutoPrice™ forecasts the winning award price for an NSN, and it can estimate the probability of winning the award at a range of prices. AutoPrice™ can be customized to fit your pricing needs by providing forecasted award prices (FAPs) for single NSNs at various quantities or for lists of NSNs. AutoPrice™ provides supporting statistical and model data to explain the basis of the FAP.

With AutoPrice™ you can:

AutoPrice™ supports over 100 FSCs and has a vast statistical library that can support other FSCs as requested. AutoPrice™’s accuracy in predicting the winning award price has been tested using actual NSNs, procurement histories, and award prices. 67% of the time, AutoPrice™ accurately predicted the award price within 15% of the actual price.

Pricing Grid and Statistical Data

AutoPrice™ Pricing Grid and Statistical Data

Probability Win Graph

AutoPrice™ Probability Win Graph

Box and Whisker Plot

AutoPrice™ Box and Whisker Plot

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Current Version

AutoPrice™ 2.1

Audited and registered to CMMI Level III standards

Audited and Registered to CMMI Level III Standards

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