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At 2Is Inc., we hire people, not positions. You will work in a highly collaborative, learning-intensive environment where you will apply your existing knowledge while quickly gaining knowledge of the military sourcing and engineering field. We look at candidates with degrees in the following areas:

Our contracts require all employees to be U.S. Citizens, so unfortunately we cannot move forward with candidates who do not meet this requirement.

Sourcing and Reverse Engineering

The 2Is engineering business focuses on reverse engineering and sourcing repair parts for military weapon systems. Engineers are involved in all aspects of the military procurement process from Technical Data Package (TDP) development and validation to shipment of a part that passes quality inspections and meets military packaging standards.

2Is does not manufacture parts on site; we partner with manufacturing companies who handle the production. However, all parts are inspected, tested, and shipped from 2Is. Our engineers are the lead technical interface between 2Is, the manufacturing partner, and the military customer.

More About 2Is Engineering

2Is is not your typical engineering company. If you want to work in a restrictive and structured environment where you will sit at a desk all day and perform the same tasks…this is not the place for you! The 2Is work culture is:

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