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The 2Is Engineering Technical Services team has demonstrated significant engineering capability for rapid second source development and part production to support military and OEM mission-critical requirements. Our team of engineers evaluates obsolete and problematic parts and uses state-of-the-art engineering methods to implement long-term solutions. Working closely with the Defense Logistics Agency and the In-Service Engineering Support Activities (TACOM, AMCOM, NAVSEA, NAVAIR, WR-ALC, OKC-ALC etc.), we develop a complete sourcing solution. We are certified to reverse engineer and source aircraft flight safety critical repair parts, nuclear reactor components, and submarine Sub-safe or Level I components in addition to other product classes.

2Is Engineering Technical Services: A one-stop source for reduced cost-supply readiness

Awarded Contracts Include:

Value Engineering and Sourcing Support Tool (VESST) - 5 years, $25 million ceiling

MRAP Cost and Readiness Decision Support

BAA – Reduced Cost Supply Readiness MRAP Decision Support Implementation

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