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Easily pinpoint insidious operational problems plaguing your business.

The Expert System Platform (ESP) is an interactive tool through which SMEs define inventory, pricing, and logistics rules that flag their program’s operational problems. ESP users define rules by combining arithmetic, logic, and text-based operators using simple and complex variables through a drag-and-drop interface. Using the combined data elements, ESP interacts with other logistics applications, such as 2Is Inc. Analytic Platform (2AP), to identify violations of the user-defined rules and notify the appropriate stakeholders.

2Is Inc. provided ESP to the DLA for a Logistics Decision Support Tool (LDST) pilot program, from April 2007 through April 2009. The LDST project involved a small team of pricing SMEs who, with the contractor, collaboratively developed a set of 35 DLA price specific LDST expert-system rules to detect pricing-related data anomalies. These rules were tested in a small population of approximately 40,000 NSNs. The rules successfully identified and corrected over $20,000,000 in price-related errors to the Defense Working Capital Fund.

ESP™ rule building screenshot

Audited and registered to CMMI Level III standards

Audited and Registered to CMMI Level III Standards

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