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2Is Logistics Suite: OASIS™, ESP™, winSim™

The 2Is Logistics Suite is a customized group of SaaS tools built to provide independent verification and validation, expert analysis, and forecasting models for the military supply chain. We combine proprietary forecasting and statistical models with part and procurement data in a way that allows the customer to make more informed decisions.

OASIS™ and ESP™ are used in conjunction with one another in order to define and solve common inventory and pricing anomalies. winSim™ provides a complete analysis and simulation of inventory performance in the past, present and future, and makes recommendations for maximizing profitability and performance. These complementary tools provide powerful, data-supported expertise that supports profitable business decisions at all levels of the organization.


Operational Assessment Support Information System (OASIS™) is an independent verification and validation tool. Given a large population of parts, OASIS™ can pinpoint the specific cause of operational challenges, whether it be a part, cost or other condition violation. OASIS™ provides the supporting data to drive into the heart of the problem and it makes recommendations for a solution. Case studies provide context-specific user guidance to correct the given violations “just in time.”

OASIS™ provides a secure way for users to analyze and organize data while collaborating with other team members. As analysis needs arise or change, OASIS™ helps you manage the parts of interest through a Report Card, a Population Explorer, an NSN Explorer, a Pricing Explorer, and an Expert System for finding and analyzing inventory management or pricing condition violations.

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The OASIS™ Expert Rule Builder and Editor (ESP™) is an innovative tool that allows Subject Matter Experts to develop, edit and publish rules to OASIS™ without any developer intervention and without writing a line of code. ESP’s drag and drop interface is easy to use, and it is tightly integrated with OASIS. Some of ESP™’s features include:

Develop, edit and publish rules to OASIS™ with the ESP™ drag-and-drop interface.

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winSim™ uses Monte Carlo simulation and probability to estimate inventory levels, revenue, cash flows and profit profiles at a prescribed service level. An ideal tool for structuring and evaluating PBL contracts for maximum profitability, winSim™ reports will provide a complete analysis of past and present performance while making specific recommendations for the remainder of the performance period.

Estimate inventory levels, revenue, cash flows, and profit profiles with winSim™.

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Audited and registered to CMMI Level III standards

Audited and Registered to CMMI Level III Standards

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