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2Is works with a select group of qualified manufacturing partners who share our goal of producing a specification-compliant part, priced fairly and delivered fast. An important part of our cost and production quality process is finding a manufacturing partner with demonstrated capabilities in the relevant area for each part.

The 2Is manufacturing engineers take the lead technical role in providing technical data and support, and all parts are inspected on-site at 2Is and shipped from our facility.

Case Study

2Is works with manufacturing companies of all sizes and specialties. We have investigated over 400 potential manufacturing partners and qualified about 40. Once a partner has qualified, we work hard to assess their strengths so that we can match each order to the right company. After the initial order, we continue to maintain a relationship with the manufacturing partner through regular on-site visits and future projects.

As an example of our work with smaller specialty companies, below is a timeline of our work with a small machine shop located here in Massachusetts. We have had a Manufacturing Partner Agreement with this company for 5+ years and continue to work with them through regular delivery orders.

2Is Manufacturing Partner Revenue Timeline

In a completely different case, we recently needed to quickly find a partner for a high-volume, high-dollar contract. We investigated and qualified a large, international, multimillion dollar OEM. By the 6th month after we initially approached them, they had a $70,000 order!

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