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Operational Assessment Support Information System (OASIS™) is an integrated logistics decision support and verification toolset that rapidly explores, predicts, and displays data on National Stock Numbers (NSNs). This web-hosted application is grounded in the specific rules, terminology, and data nuances of the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain. All the information needed to make decisions and logistics assessments about groups of NSNs (populations) is just one click away due to its integrated database and architecture.

As analysis needs arise or change, Oasis™ helps manage populations through a Population Explorer, NSN Explorer, a Pricing Explorer, a Report Card, and an Expert system for finding and analyzing inventory management condition exceptions. The application is designed to enhance user operation by offering context-sensitive tool-tips and context-sensitive case studies, as well as on-line documentation in a comprehensive Help section.

Population Overview
OASIS™ Report Card tab

Explore Pressing Problems
OASIS™ Population tab Sort by long lead time, backorders, and other data.

Expert Analysis of Violations
OASIS™ Expert tab Pinpoint the specific pricing, inventory, and other violations affecting a part.

Analyze NSN and Pricing Information
OASIS™ NSN and Pricing tab details Thoroughly examine the NSN's pricing and stocking information in order to correct data anomalies.

Collaborate with Team Members OASIS™ Workflow tab
OASIS™ Notes Record NSN notes to track your decisions and submit work requests.

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Audited and registered to CMMI Level III standards

Audited and Registered to CMMI Level III Standards

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