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At 2Is Inc., we hire people, not positions. You will work in a highly collaborative, learning-intensive environment where you will apply your existing knowledge while quickly gaining adeptness in the Lisp programming language. We look at candidates with degrees in the following areas:

Learn New Skills

As a new programmer at 2Is, we don’t expect you to have pre-existing knowledge of Lisp…or of any programming language! You will work closely with Senior Developers and other members of the software team to learn Lisp. Most of the 2Is developers are trained as mathematicians, so you will be learning from people who were once in your shoes.

Apply your Knowledge

2Is works on a wide variety of development projects, ranging from web-based logistics applications to statistical libraries. In addition to working on existing and new corporate development efforts, you will apply your best problem-solving skills to statistical libraries and formulas.

More about 2Is Software

2Is software tools began as expert system platforms to support the success of the mechanical engineering sourcing business, and quickly evolved into widely-applicable logistics tools for the Defense industry. In addition to greatly expanding the success of 2Is’ engineering efforts, our Software as a Service (SaaS) tools have demonstrated tens of millions of dollars in reduced total cost of ownership for the military supply chain.

Our tools occupy the niche market of military logistics support, so while they aren’t your standard off-the-shelf products, they play a crucial role in supporting the biggest consumers in the Defense industry. Our tools range in scope from an inventory modeling and simulation application to a program that estimates the winning award price for part solicitations.

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