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The 2Is Software Suites were uniquely designed to support the supply chain in general and the military supply chain in particular. Our software applications integrate data from a variety of Enterprise sources and apply complex analytics for decision support. Whether supporting pricing, forecasting, or the supply chain, our SaaS solutions deliver the knowledge required to optimize complex business operations and provide enhanced return on invested capital.

Our applications are used daily by senior analysts and engineers and have been validated by both external OEMs and various departments of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). We believe in transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom for our customers, and to date our tools have demonstrated hundreds of millions of dollars in reduced total cost of inventory ownership and management.

2Is is a registered CMMI Level III software development organization and our customer-oriented approach is designed to make our tools secure, usable and accessible:

Logistics Suite Solicitation Suite

Audited and registered to CMMI Level III standards

Audited and Registered to CMMI Level III Standards

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