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2Is Sourcing Suite: winStoic™, winShipper™, AutoPrice™

Our sourcing tools were developed as a complete set of complementary software solutions to support the entire part procurement and sourcing process.

Our focus has been on developing a tailored and architecturally integrated set of software solutions that make our Sourcing Business successful. Used together, these tools form a complete set of sourcing solutions. winStoic™ searches for and selects appropriate solicitations, and helps find the best fit manufacturing partner by managing a detailed contact database. winShipper™ then uses recent packaging and shipping data to calculate the shipping costs. Finally, AutoPrice™ uses procurement history, labor and statistical information to forecast a winning award price for the part.

Read below for more information on the software tools that have contributed to our sourcing success.


winStoic™ is a real-time EDI search system with an integrated expert system that supports solicitation capture, selection and workflow management. Once a solicitation is selected, winStoic™ guides the user through drawing/Technical Data Package (TDP) download and converts the TDP into neatly organized and readable PDF files. It then assists with manufacturing partner selection via its user-managed database of companies, capabilities, and point of contact information. winStoic™ neatly integrates with other Sourcing Suite tools such as winShipper™ to successfully support the parts sourcing process and guide the user to a winning bid.

winStoic™ walks you through the solicitation process. winStoic™ walks you through the solicitation process.


winShipper™ is our packaging and transportation estimator. It calculates the shipping and handling costs for a part. winShipper™ uses the latest military packing data, labor and transportation costs to customize a price quote for desired routes and shipping methods. winShipper™ takes into account package quantity, weight, and destination in order to provide the most accurate estimation in shipping a MIL-SPEC part. Integrated with winShipper™ is a weight estimation module for quickly estimating the weight and cube of a part from its drawing.


AutoPrice™ is a SaaS tool that predicts winning award prices for Solicitations. AutoPrice™ forecasts a winning award price for either single parts or batches of parts, and it is an ideal tool for supporting both independent part sourcing and PBL contracts. Enter a part number into AutoPrice™, and it will return:

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Audited and registered to CMMI Level III standards

Audited and Registered to CMMI Level III Standards

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