2Is Inc. Analytic Platform

Proactively monitor program health and manage assets within defined budgetary constraints.

2Is Inc. Analytic Platform™ (2AP) addresses the unique challenges of weapon system sustainment. 2AP seamlessly transitions bid and proposal analysis into the post-award operating environment, reducing costly missteps during the critical startup phase. 2AP is an asset management and logistics solution that supports all processes, functions, and system integrations particular to weapon system sustainment.

We tailor each instance of 2AP each program’s unique needs and nuanced processes. 2AP integrates into ERP and legacy systems to bring critical program data to a centralized location. In a single environment, 2AP measures key performance indicators, facilitates supplier management, forecasts inventory requirements, flags potential operational crises, offers budgeting recommendations, and encourages communication among dispersed stakeholders.

Leveraging 2Is’ stochastic simulation technology and probability techniques, 2AP forecasts performance, estimates inventory levels, and simulates costs for a prescribed service level and required operational availability. Tuned to minimize cost and maximize operational availability, 2Is’ logistics-based simulations reference an advanced inventory policies library to choose the optimal inventory model for each item’s replacement cadence; this sophisticated approach to forecasting demand ensures that programs manage high cost, low demand items differently from low cost, high demand items. 2Is Inc. designs its models to meet each program’s predefined availability and cost goals, always aiming to increase program efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Learn more about the Scenario Forecasting and Inventory Management Optimization that power 2AP.