Analytic Services

Transform data into key insights and actionable changes.

2Is Inc. offers a variety of analytic services to provide recommendations for operational and logistical challenges. Past projects include:

  • Performance metrics analysis to quickly assess data and determine overall program health.
  • Inventory management optimization to ensure the right part is in the right place at the right time.
  • Depot demand analysis to improve repair turnaround time (RTAT) through reduction in critical material shortfalls (AWP) requirements.
  • Inventory investment evaluation to identify cost-effective strategy for low and irregularly demanded supply (LIDS) parts with disproportional negative impact on depot RTAT.
  • Density mapping and data visualization to illustrate inventory status across the globe.
  • Intensive data scrubbing to build a cleansed database that allowed for further investigation.
2Is Inc. delivers analytic services as standalone projects or in conjunction with scenario forecasting projects. These services also include generation and modification of data visuals to elaborate on model results and data mining projects to help find statistically sound ways of filling gaps in program data.

Inventory Management Optimization

Reduce operational costs through inventory policy selection and optimization.

No one-size-fits-all inventory policy exists; a variety of factors affect how a part performs under any given inventory policy. However, in the absence of subject matter expertise, analyzing thousands of parts to identify cost reduction strategies while meeting availability metrics often presents challenges. 2Is' proprietary inventory policy software seamlessly connects with our models and software applications, or stands on its own, to identify the most cost-effective method for stocking and storing parts.

2Is' inventory policy software references three demand patterns, expressed as distributions, and four policy types to determine the lowest-cost, highest-performing policy per part. Designed with the challenges posed by consumables and repairables in mind, our inventory policy selection software handles parts differently according to their unique characteristics.