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Below are descriptions of positions we often hire for.

Software Developer

2Is Inc. seeks high energy, proactive individuals to work in software development. Our developers need to have strong math skills and a desire to learn; computer science or database experience is not required. Responsibilities may include: developing machine learning algorithms and implement solutions for identified challenges; focusing on data analytics and domain problem solving; transforming large datasets into knowledge, programming using Lisp and object database technology.

Mathematical Modeler

2Is Inc. seeks individuals interested in mathematical modeling, computational techniques, and algorithms to solve complex problems. The individual will apply inverse problem solving to transform data into model parameters. This is an entry-level position with an expectation for growth and advancement. Additional responsibilities may include: performing accurate and complete data extraction from databases; applying statistical techniques to develop models; merging, transforming, manipulating, and creating datasets for analysis; and graphing, plotting, and summarizing data.

Quality Analyst

2Is Inc. seeks high energy, proactive individuals to work in our quality assurance department. An array of skills and strengths are required to fulfill the role at the expected level, including strong math skills. Additional responsibilities may include: designing test processes and procedures; implementing test plans, automation, and validation strategies; identifying, tracking, and investigating issues found during testing; and performing data analysis.

Documentation Specialist

2Is Inc. seeks detail-oriented technical writers for our software development team. Our documentation specialists are motivated individuals with excellent writing and editing skills. They must be able to convey complex and abstract technical information clearly and concisely. Additional responsibilities may include developing and maintaining user manuals and training materials for software applications, authoring and maintaining data analysis documentation for statistical modeling projects, and crafting marketing content as necessary.

User Interface Developer

2Is Inc. seeks self-motivated individuals to join our UI/UX & Content team to work on highly tailored software applications and data visualizations. Individuals must be excited about developing user-friendly web applications, including graphs and visualizations to convey information about complex data, and have a strong interest in user interface/user experience and front end web development. Responsibilities include writing JavaScript (including jQuery plugins), developing data graphs and visualizations, participating in UI design and code reviews, and writing HTML and CSS as needed.

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