Decision Support Software

Our Approach

2Is’ software uses a building blocks framework to rapidly develop tailored, domain-specific applications for our customers. We’re committed to creating intuitive, user-friendly software applications and ensuring our software tools are accessible to users with disabilities. We follow a rigorous development process, with ongoing software refinement to meet customer needs.

To date, we have developed more than eight software applications to support scenario forecasting, pricing and price evaluation, parts sourcing and procurement, total cost of ownership analysis, and proactive logistics management.

We are a registered CMMI Level III software development organization. Our customer-oriented approach is designed to make our tools secure, usable and accessible.

  • Secure: Our software meets Department of Defense Information Assurance requirements both at our secure data center and on the user’s desktop.
  • Tailored: Our blocks-based approach to development ensures our products include the functionality our clients truly need.
  • User-Friendly: All of our software tools provide extensive documentation, context-sensitive help, and tutorial videos.
  • Accessible: Designed with accessibility in mind, our software is compatible with assistive technologies and supports users with disabilities.

Our Domain-Specific Solutions

Drawing on over fifteen years of experience with the military supply chain, 2Is Inc. creates decision support software to be easily configured for any program.

Leveraging our proven analytical approach to forecasting operational availability, simulating cost per flying hour, and optimizing inventory, we develop tailored solutions to sustainment challenges. With ample flexibility to answer the broad range of questions that arise, our solutions offer proactive asset and logistics management, inventory optimization, and pricing evaluation.

Driven by data modeling and analytic expertise, our domain-specific applications provide decision support throughout the life of a program, transitioning bid and proposal to post-award operations.

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